Thinking of selling your business?Deciding to sell a small business that you started with your own blood, sweat, and tears is never an easy decision. After 18 years of brokering small business sales in the Phoenix AZ metro area I know firsthand what a gut wrenching decision it truly can be for an owner. And like many things in life taking the first step to move forward is usually one of the hardest.

Getting Started

If you are seriously considering selling the first step I would recommend is to call, text, (602-292-0553) or contact me to arrange a free consultation.  This initial no obligation conversation is completely confidential and is designed to help me understand the basic business model and history of your business. After also providing me with some basic financial information I can then share with you some initial and realistic pricing and valuation scenarios based on my experience and other industry guidelines.

I will also provide you with my honest opinion about the chances of finding a qualified buyer for your business now. Or whether it might make more sense to defer selling in 2016 and wait until your business is better positioned for various reasons. Even if you do decide not to sell your business now at a minimum I can provide you with valuable and free insight on what steps you can take to maximize the value of your business when you do move forward.

After this initial conversation you can then decide if you want to take the next step and set up an in-depth confidential meeting to discuss the listing and marketing process. In this meeting I will provide you with a detailed outline of the information we will need to create an effective listing package. Taking the time to prepare and produce a thorough and professional listing package is a proven way to help support your asking price and increase your odds of finding a qualified buyer.

Contact Me Now

To find out more about my proven listing and confidential marketing process please contact me now. As an independent Arizona Business Business Broker I can offer my clients a number of unique benefits that many Brokers cannot compete with.  This includes very reasonable commission rates/terms and no upfront fees required.