Below you will find a few examples of some of my recent and past business sales in the Phoenix AZ area. This list is not comprehensive but is designed to give prospective sellers an idea of the types of small business categories I have worked with in the past. In general I tend to work with businesses that are in the retail, consumer services, health & fitness, business to business, professional services, Internet related, distribution, and manufacturing related categories. This includes franchise businesses as well.  I do not work with restaurants,  bars, or hair salons but can absolutely refer you to a Broker that does.

  • Massage Therapy Spa: This was an “all cash” sale to a very qualified and experienced buyer who saw the listing on one of the very busy “business for sale” portals  I have a paid broker subscription with.
  • Direct Mail Service Business: This long established B2B  business was sold at full price ($250,000) with partial seller financing in less than 30 days after the listing went live. The buyer found the business on one of the multiple “business for sale” portals and websites I utilize. The Sellers were very pleased indeed.
  • Fitness Center: This busy and independent heath club or fitness center was sold at full price ($500K) with partial seller financing after just 3 months on the market.
  • Solar Panel Installation Business: This fast growing business was sold at a multi-million dollar price (within 80% of original asking price) after buyers were able to secure acquisition financing from a local Lender.
  • Wholesale Lighting Distributor: This growing niche business specialized in installing and distributing energy efficient lighting systems and sold at 85% of  its $1.5 million dollar asking price. Buyer was able to obtain SBA financing from Wells Fargo to complete transaction.
  • After Market Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Sales: This unique and home based ecommerce business sold at 85% of it original asking price of $150k with partial seller financing of 50% down.
  • Independent Preferred P&C Insurance Agency: Sold very quickly at over 2 times annual commissions and very near original asking price with some seller financing offered.

More Info: Please feel free to contact me at any time if you any questions about possibly selling your business or the services I offer. You can also view information here about my services and the process of listing and selling a business here.