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  • 1. How can I get more information on a particular business?

    Due to the confidential nature of selling business opportunities we require all potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure before releasing any specific information ( exact location, financial statements, etc..) about the business. Please click here to access a non-disclosure form. Please print and fill out form completely and fax to the number indicated below on the form. We will then fax you information or advise hidden links on this site where you can access additional confidential information.

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  • 2. What is the next step after I have reviewed information on a particular business that I am interested in ?

    Generally the next step would be to arrange a confidential time to view the business and meet the Seller. I would advise you to prepare a list of general questions for the Seller about the history, operation, and financial history of the business before the meeting. Always contact the listing agent to arrange all meetings and interviews as all sales are very confidential.

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  • 3. What is the next step after I have met the Seller and viewed his or her business for sale?

    If you interested in moving forward, generally the next step would be to prepare and present an offer to purchase the business that will protect you and you are comfortable with. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the buying process.

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  • 4. What if I do not see the type of business I am interested in your current listing data base?

    Fill out the confidential buyer information form. Filling out this form gives me enough information to scan a data base of over 400 existing business opportunities in the Phoenix-metro area that may fit your objectives. If nothing is available that fits your objectives I will keep you posted via e-mail when something does become available.

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  • 5. What if I am interested in exploring business opportunities in the Tucson or Northern Arizona areas?

    I would still advise you to fill out the buyer information form and indicate what region or city in the state you are interested in. I can then refer you to a number of qualified professional business brokers who I have worked with who cover those areas.

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  • 6. How Do I Incorporate A Business In Arizona?

    Please visit this page for a simple list of steps and info regarding how to incorporate a small business in AZ.

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More questions? Please feel free to  contact us if you have any additional questions about buying a small business in Arizona.