How To Incorporate A Business in Arizona

Below is a simple list of some of the very general steps involved in the process of incorporating a small business in Arizona. This does not include info about how to prepare the articles of incorporation (choosing directors, number of shares issues) which is self explanatory on the necessary forms you will be required to fill out and submit. It is advisable that you may want to speak with your accountant or CPA to discuss what type of AZ corporation to form that would best meet your individual needs.

1. First research to see if the AZ corporate name you would like to use is available for registration. There are a number ways to do this including visiting the Arizona Corporation Commission web site and following the simple name search instructions they have set up. Or you could also use one of the many online or offline incorporation services available and they will conduct a limited name search as part of their services.

2. Choose the type of Arizona Corporate entity you want to form whether it be an LLC,  a C or S Corp, or some type of Partnership. I would advise that you may want to consult with your accountant or CPA before deciding on how you want incorporate your business in Arizona.

3. Obtain and fill out the required incorporation forms. You can do this by visiting the corp filing forms page on the Arizona Corporation Commission web site and purchase the forms online there for a fee. Or if you are using an online incorporation service in most cases they will have a form online for you to simply fill out and submit as part of their incorporation service packages.

4. Obtain your completed Certificate of Incorporation from either the Arizona Corporation Commission or the service you used to complete the incorporation process.

5. File your incorporation documents with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Or if you choose to use an incorporation service (online or other) they will in most cases file the documents for you as part of their services.

6. With in 60 days after your articles of incorporation with were filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission, you are required to publish your articles of incorporations for 3 consecutive publications in a general circulation newspaper  in the county of the Corporations address. In Maricopa county a popular newspaper to use is the Phoenix Business Journal