How To Sell My Arizona Business? | FAQ

How Do I Sell My Arizona Based Business? FAQThis is frequently asked question I receive from established small business owners in Arizona who are contemplating their exit strategy and what options they have when selling.

Well, in my experience you have 2 primary choices or options to sell a small business in the Phoenix AZ market.  You can either attempt a “for sale by owner” transaction or engage and hire a professional Business Broker like me to handle the selling process. I assume the perceived main advantage in trying to sell a business on your own is the potential savings in broker commission fees. Unfortunately in my experience that perceived advantage is often canceled out by the many difficulties in trying to prepare, value, confidentially market, negotiate, and ultimately close a sale without a professional intermediary involved. I have heard from many small business owners who grudgingly confessed doing a “FSBO” was ultimately not worth the hassle or aggravation. Just trying to keep the sale confidential from employees and competitors is also just a lot more challenging when selling your own business.

I tell my Sellers that I honestly believe  that finding the right buyer and ultimately getting a business sale to close is at least 5 times harder than doing a straight real estate transaction. And that is with a professional Business Broker handling the transaction! In  addition, I would also add that its my opinion that businesses that are listed and sold  by Business Brokers ultimately sell at higher prices mitigating a lot of seller concerns about paying commission fees.

You can view details here about my selling process if  you choose to list your business for sale with me.