How how much is my Arizona business worth?

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What is my business worth today? This is by far the most frequently asked question I receive and I will absolutely be able to help you answer it confidentially at no cost or obligation.

There are a number of different methods or guidelines for valuing a small business for the purpose of sale. These methods are dependent upon a host of variables that are unique to each individual business. I generally use a combination of methods including a multiple of the sellers annual discretionary cash flow (what you take out of the business as an owner including perks) and a analysis of current market data, and comparables of similar businesses sold.

Your best bet is to contact me now (call or text – 602-292-0553) to arrange a free confidential consultation.  After I have a thorough understanding of your business model, its history, a chance to review current and at least 2 years previous financial statements. I can then assist you in determining a supportable asking price which should result in a sale. If you like, you can also submit a free business valuation form here on this site to receive a preliminary valuation.

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